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A brief history of Boogiepop Phantom thru ep 6.

SPOILERS!   Episode 1 - There is a pillar of light that causes massive electrical disruption, including frying a lot of electronics. There is a girl who regrets never having confessed to her love. Now she starts seeing his ghost.... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop, Old and New

I've finally gotten the Starz to work on my PC. Seems Mozilla never takes me to the place where you can log in with your cable TV account but Chrome does go there. (I wasn't about to spend $9 a... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop Six

It just keeps getting better. The first arc rather stumbled around a bit - but I found that a bit charming. Now the second arc, VS Imaginator, is in full swing. No stumbles here. Some highlights: No, some spoilers! The... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop goes the weasel?

Second arc here. First arc seemed a bit abbreviated. Didn't have enough time to get really invested in the characters. Plot was spotty and implied a lot that you had to interpret. No time to mourn our dead. Still enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop and Others

I could not find an inexpensive and legal way to watch the original Boogiepop Phantom. Hulu keeps telling me I need a STARZ add-on. I will have to contemplate the impact of another $9 per month on my retirement income.... Continue Reading →

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