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Pinkie’s Super Happy Love Award!

Pinkie of Pinkies Paradise tagged me for this. It is quite an honor to be in the first round of any blog award. You're one of the first people she thought of. I try to be nice and if any of... Continue Reading →

Despite the slump, there is still some very good anime out there.

Minor spoilers ahead. Remember how I said I expected a major plot twist in Null and Peta because so far everything wasn't adding up? There it is, in episode 11. A really powerful plot twist. Very similar to what I... Continue Reading →

Chihayafuru – ちはやふる

I have waited 6 years for this. Twenty-five more episodes of a sports anime done right! (See Chihayafuru season 1 and 2.) Spoilers! Chihaya Ayase is one of the most beautiful bishoujo ever to grace my monitor. The writing in... Continue Reading →

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