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Some Humor

Lately I have been completely bereft of desire to write. Probably going thru a phase. It may be that a month from now, I'll be cranking out a dozen posts a month. Or maybe I'll stop posting entirely. Who knows?... Continue Reading →

Revenge of the fifth?

It does if you were in one of Irina's drinking games last night...

Light Humor for Heavy Times

Past Imperfect – #582 — Bonnywood Manor

Fair warning: This one is twisted, even for me… Daughter, far left: “Mother, he’s doing it again.” Mother, near left: “Who is doing what, dear?” Daughter: “Father. He’s staring at me again. In that way that we talked about.” Mother:... Continue Reading →

Birdie Sanders — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

From Gallery of Birds That Look Like Bernie Sanders. via Birdie Sanders — Phil Ebersole's Blog

Get Naked, Go Hiking

Continuing in my dearth of new blogs, I thought I'd reblog this, revised and with a few different photos - including one I just took on my visit to my families back east. It is one of my earliest posts,... Continue Reading →

Feeling lazy….

So I thought I'd let a few other good people talk instead. How about Life?   I find the great thing in this world is, not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. Goethe   I... Continue Reading →

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