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By Herbert James Draper -Β The Bridgeman Art Library, Object 181779, Public Domain We had a palm tree removed from our front yard. I really didn't want to do it but there were over riding reasons. When we bought to house... Continue Reading →

More Theatrical Brilliance!

Featured image, Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford, The Phantom of the Opera Roger's and Hammerstein had some incredible successes but nothing succeeded like this. Julie Andrews angelic (and IMHO unequaled) voice knocked it out of the park.Β  The... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the Zombie Apocolyspe

What's In My (Go) Bag?... or Dr. Z's Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Very Important Wonderfulness!

To help people not go stir-crazy. Andrew Lloyd Weber is making some of his Musicals free on YouTube. Currently, Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat is on tap but hurry. This is the 2nd day of its 48-hour run. Subscribe to... Continue Reading →

Since we can’t go to the theater anymore…

I have assembled a collection of show tunes. All have been performed on stage and many are also feature length movies. Even included something from Disney. This one is Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth from Wicked, a... Continue Reading →

Look Ma! No Hands! (Or the Joy of Nudity)

Imagine, running naked across San Francisco in a crowd of 80K runners and a 100K spectators as an act of self-affirmation - with a bit of protest thrown in.

π„ž β™« β™« β™« β™«

What does anime do better than almost anything else? Music. Just look at the incredible anime that feature music and musicians. And while the music itself is a blessing to listen too, it is the musicians' stories that make you... Continue Reading →

The Sedentary Stradivarius β€” Catch a Falling Star

When I was very young I once heard an aphorism to the effect that if only the finest bird songs were ever sung, our mornings would be quiet and still and the forest would be an eerily silent place. I... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

Featured image is from Nat Geo: Why Do We Celebrate Halloween? There's a Halloween themed nudie show at the Two Roads Theater coming up on November 8th. Alan has always allowed the audience to come up and perform little skits.... Continue Reading →

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