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Neon Genesis: Evangelion

The Best in Anime

There are certain scenes in anime that are simply the best. Of course, it is just my opinion but there are sequences that have never been equaled. Thought I'd share a few of them. Best Kiss The best kiss scene... Continue Reading →

Evangelion – Kaji: Not Everyone is Broken

I struggle to this day to figure out the meaning of the final episodes of Evangelion. They were so unpopular the studio received hate mail and the director death threats. Suffice it to say the author was a profoundly disturbed... Continue Reading →

Shinji is broken. Misato tries to fix him. Notice all the time given to Misato in the OP. Her face and figure are so expressive, anguished yet beautiful. Previous posts in the series: The Beginning and Ending of Evangelion Shinji is Broken. So is Gendo. Beware of... Continue Reading →

The Beginning and Ending of Evangelion

Where do you start with a topic as vast as Netflix redub of Evangelion? Might as well start at the beginning, the literal beginning. I think we all know the main characters? But the opening would come before you knew... Continue Reading →

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