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Witch Hunter Robin

Funimation appears to be dead. I'm stuck on ep. 15 of Witch Hunter Robin and it says the site is unavailable. Which is worse than going to the site and having the stream stall. Hours go by... Noir means black... Continue Reading →

The Darkness that is Noir

Republishing this because I think Noir deserves more love! Noir means black in French. It is also used to describe a style of film making with cynicism, moral ambiguity, and pessimism. Characters in noir are typically hard-boiled, unsentimental and Machiavellian.... Continue Reading →

In Honor of “Free Solo”

 It was just the greatest accomplishment in the history of free climbing. One of the greatest accomplshments inĀ  athletics of any kind. You get to decide for yourself if the movie was about courage... Continue Reading →

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