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Brexit – definitely NSFW!

How the hell can Brexit not be suitable for work? This woman managed it. Makes me wish I were British.

The Jewish nurse who rushed to save the life of the anti-semite. . . This is in her own words. I felt it was too important not to share. . Ari Mahler November 3 at 2:38 PM . I am The Jewish Nurse. Yes, that Jewish Nurse. The same one that... Continue Reading →

My Election Year Rant.

Personally, I think it is time we took back the label of “Patriot” from the likes of Trump. It can be done without ever mentioning his name or using a single pejorative. Doing so only increases polarization. We are patriots… Continue Reading →

The Wild Child Grows Old

From a while ago....   I’m on a long solo hike. I’m naked - but the good part starts when I forget I’m naked - I just exist. It becomes the default state. If you are thinking "What a wonderful day to... Continue Reading →

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