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Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions

This is from JoAnne at Midnight Harmony. Read the full post here: Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions.

Laissez-faire Existentialism

In a nutshell, this is what existential despair is all about. Deep thoughts - but that's not how life works. Life is really about getting up in the morning and getting on with things. Lots of boring things, some downright... Continue Reading →


Featured image from the National Post Time is not a possession. It is a companion, always there and unavoidable. You cannot buy it. You will die when you die. You cannot sell it nor can you purchase more if you... Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid to fall into that dark pit. You are already in it.

If you have ever been depressed, ever felt like dying would be preferable to any life you could imagine, read this: Martha Kennedy - The Tunnel

Some Things That Make Me Weird — The Scrap Paper Tiger

(Or: Some Things That Make Me Me) Everyone’s different, in all kinds of weird and interesting ways. In recent years, I’ve been coming to better understand some of my own weirdnesses and how they impact on how I see the... Continue Reading →

Choosing Family — Wild Sensibility

I’ve written about the fact that the period between my birthday on December 18th through Christmas is not my favorite time of year. Soon I’ll have more to offer on the topic of family. I wish I could say it... Continue Reading →

Christmas season isn’t always happy.

Image from Not everyone has a happy holiday.  Should you not be in a celebratory mood or have no one to celebrate with, it can be a sad time. Depression can pervade the holidays. Looking back can bring pain... Continue Reading →

Stupid Computer!

Image from Stupid Computers I haven't been doing a lot of deep posts lately. Many of them are short commentaries on articles I found interesting or sharing other people's posts. And not that much on anime. One reason is that... Continue Reading →

That Time My Identity Was Stolen

Image is from Identity theft is a huge business. I was once stopped at an airport in Toronto by US Customs and detained for 2 hours. They even took my cell phone away.  My wife could do nothing but... Continue Reading →

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