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Space filght

OMG! Starship does it!

Well... sort of. Scott Manley gives us the glorious play-by-play. OOPS! Wrong Starship! But maybe it is a kind of a miracle. Be sure to watch thru to T+15 minutes. Surprise! Ok... maybe that link didn't work right.... Continue Reading →

The Future of Spaceflight

Well... sort of. Space X tested prototype Serial Number 8 of its "Starship" upper stage on Wednesday. They'd tried to launch on Tuesday but there was a scrub at T-1.3 seconds because one of the engines didn't like something. Kind... Continue Reading →

Staying Sane

Even I have some difficulty with social isolation. I actually did have activities that got me out of the house and engaged with other people. Still, I got used to making the effort and failing. It kept my brain... Continue Reading →

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