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Space X

OMG! Starship does it!

Well... sort of. Scott Manley gives us the glorious play-by-play. OOPS! Wrong Starship! But maybe it is a kind of a miracle. Be sure to watch thru to T+15 minutes. Surprise! Ok... maybe that link didn't work right.... Continue Reading →

The Future of Spaceflight

Well... sort of. Space X tested prototype Serial Number 8 of its "Starship" upper stage on Wednesday. They'd tried to launch on Tuesday but there was a scrub at T-1.3 seconds because one of the engines didn't like something. Kind... Continue Reading →

Return to Manned Spaceflight On December 7th, 1972, almost 50 years ago we launched our last flight to the moon. We left and did not return. We'd beat the Ruskies and then some and there was no longer a lot of propaganda value... Continue Reading →

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