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Wordpress Block Editor.

The Journey of Kino – Oops! – I really mean Elaina

There may be spoilage ahead! Elaina is the youngest ever to pass the witch's exam. But when she goes on her search to find a master witch to apprentice under, nobody wants her. Door after door is closed on her... Continue Reading →

A very bad mood.

I'm sinking here... The events I hoped to participate in earlier this year are all canceled. The forests have burned/are burning/are closed in case they burn, the events I looked forward to are all COVID-canceled, acting classes shut down, even... Continue Reading →

Special Characters in Block Editor.

A question was presented to me by multiple commenters on how to add special symbols. What used to be trivial in Visual editor becomes utterly obnoxious in Block editor. There is a plug-in you can use. Except you have to... Continue Reading →

^%$#@! Block Editor!

It isn't so horrible once you get used to it. But it has serious problems. For the love of God, can someone tell me an easy way to get the image block to come up permanently as a default selection?... Continue Reading →

WordPress is a business. It has no heart.

WordPress has created the block editor to make complicated and "fancy" blog sites possible. Don't know about you but when I write, blocks are extremely constraining. I want my text to be a long string of words with just returns... Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day! And very bad words for WP’s post editor.

Labor Day is one of the holidays that don't sell a lot of merchandise. When I was a kid it was the back-to-school holiday since school always started the Tuesday after. Now that schools have moved their startups to August... Continue Reading →

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