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Dark Love Poems — irevuo

Penning the perfect love poem is one of the most difficult of artistic endeavors — yet we have a special place in our hearts for those writers who effortlessly conjure the darkness of lost and unrequited love. via Dark Love Poems... Continue Reading →

Faceless — Shreya Vikram

Who are you, really, underneath all the masks? via Faceless — Shreya Vikram And if there really is someone down there, could it ever be accepted by other people?

Quote of the Day — irevuo

P.S. You can like irevuo on Facebook for more inspirational quotes here. via Quote of the Day — irevuo

Rules of Writing Erotic Fiction — irevuo

Even though sex is the driving force of life (someone once said that it’s hereditary: if your parents didn’t have sex, you won’t either), if you were to go through the books in your house, you’d rarely stumble upon a... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Great Socialist Cultural Revolution — I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am!

“Our Party enjoys the greatest prestige, unshakable prestige, among the people. Our Party represents the highest interests of the proletariat and the broad masses of the working people, and its relationship with the masses of the people is, as Chairman... Continue Reading →

Stat of The Year! — I drink and watch anime

I know you’ve all been waiting impatiently for this! Once again, it’s time to parse through my very favorite stat of them all! For those of you that have been following this blog for a while, or my twitter account,... Continue Reading →

Bloom into You is the Queer Yuri Anime we Needed, and Here’s Why — Floating into Bliss In chapter 1 of the Bloom into You manga, as protagonist Yuu turns down the boy who asked her out at the end of middle school, careful paneling keeps older student Touko out of frame, aside from a... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Letters from Famous Authors to Their Children — irevuo

It’s a shame people don’t write letters anymore. Especially writers, whose missives are often so beautifully composed and simply inspiring that we hoard them in volume upon volume. That’s why you should read some loving, advice-filled, gentle parental love letters... Continue Reading →

Hotaru and the Ephemeral Nature of Happiness — I drink and watch anime

I’ve already spoken about a character from Natsume’s Book of Friends for this series of character sudies. In fact Karandi and I have discussed many of Natsume’s supporting characters. The series is densely populated by absolutely wonderful people who wonder... Continue Reading →

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