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Beautiful Letters from Famous Authors to Their Children — irevuo

It’s a shame people don’t write letters anymore. Especially writers, whose missives are often so beautifully composed and simply inspiring that we hoard them in volume upon volume. That’s why you should read some loving, advice-filled, gentle parental love letters... Continue Reading →

My personal PSA: Please leash your dog while walking them — psychologistmimi

I love dogs. I love NYC dogs. They tend to have swagger as they walk down the city sidewalks. And, for the most part the dogs in NYC tend to behave. Occasionally they may growl at one another but often... Continue Reading →

Stepping out of your comfort zone. — Naturist

Comfort zone? Do writers have comfort zones? Yes. They do. Most of us anyway, as far as I know. A writer usually is well versed in writing one or two genres. 444 more words via Stepping out of your comfort zone.... Continue Reading →

Hotaru and the Ephemeral Nature of Happiness — I drink and watch anime

I’ve already spoken about a character from Natsume’s Book of Friends for this series of character sudies. In fact Karandi and I have discussed many of Natsume’s supporting characters. The series is densely populated by absolutely wonderful people who wonder... Continue Reading →

Americanism and ‘taking a knee’ — Phil Ebersole’s Blog Rep. Beto O’Rourke of El Paso, Texas, is a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, running against incumbent Ted Cruz, an extreme and unpopular right-winger. He was recently asked whether he thinks NFL football players who kneel during the... Continue Reading →

Filmi Fridays #2: Vampire Hunter D (1985) – The Quintessential Classic Horror Anime Film — BiblioNyan

Vampire Hunter D (吸血鬼ハンターD) is an anime film that originally released in 1985 and is an adaptation of the light novel series by Hideyuki Kikuchi, with illustrations from the esteemed Yoshitaka Amano. Epic/Sony Records, Movic, CBS Sony Group, and Asahi... Continue Reading →

The wonders of weather — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

1. Brinicle Brinicles are the underwater equivalent of icicles. They form beneath ice when a flow of saline water is introduced to ocean water. 2. Volcanic Lightning Volcanic plumes produce immense amounts of electrical charge and static. In rare cases,... Continue Reading →

Making Your Coming Out as a Naturist — Naked and Happy

You are a naturist, but no one from your friends and family knows! You dream of spending days naked, but do not know how to ask your friends! You keep going to the nudist beach all by yourself, while you... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of The Details — the dihedral

If any beauty is worth appreciating, it’s individual people. via The Beauty of The Details — the dihedral

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