I’ve been told that Bobby Kennedy originated the quote and that even he cribbed it from someone else. Our idols have feet of clay. Still a great sentiment.

I am a strange bird and not everyone’s cup of tea.

I was a child when John F. Kennedy was president and was assassinated. I was in class in third grade when they announced it over the speaker. Television was broadcast in black

This is a good way to grow up: Free Range Parenting.

and white and phones were shared party lines. As children we pretty much went anywhere we wanted and did what we wanted to do and as long as we got home for dinner, nobody cared.

Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were both killed when I was 12 and I was 13 when we put a man on the moon.

My formative years were the Cold War. Duck and cover drills, fallout shelters and several very close brushes with nuclear war. Real global civilization ending nuclear war, not just North Korea or a bunch of terrorists popping off a city or two or even India and Pakistan mixing it up. Just young enough not to have been drafted and sent to Vietnam.

I was a teenage survivalist, worked in the fields, loved firearms and animals, grew up in awe of science and the space program and was a neurally diverse, clothing allergic, social liberal in a God fearing bible thumping ultra-conservative country. IOW, I fit in nowhere.

At the time I write this, I’m 63 years old and semi-retired, married and have 2 adult children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a rescued desert tortoise. I most often post about anime. I know older men aren’t supposed to enjoy anime, let alone want to share their opinion with a much younger audience. I ignore rules like that. You are as young as you type.

I have older followers too. They even catch my references to 1960s pop culture. 😉

I can be politically incorrect for everyone, regardless of your politics. An equal opportunity iconoclast. I hate ideologies, I hate authoritarianism, and I hate labels.

I love nature photography and hiking and the wilderness. Many of my posts are about

Foothill Poppy

such. I grew up surrounded by near-wilderness. You can take the boy out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the boy.

Occasionally I’ll post about the process of aging or about my own issues. I am “on the spectrum” on the high end, aka Asperger’s syndrome. I sometimes suffer from depression and when I was young it was quite serious. My childhood was not a happy one with bullies and teasing and constant thoughts of suicide. Harsh teachers and unhelpful parents in a conservative, fundamentalist Christian culture. Hiding in the “closet” until I could move away. About that…

natureboy3.gifI’m a nudist/naturist/nudie or whatever else you want to call it. Have been since my earliest memories and I’ve been out of the closet about it since I left home for California 40 years ago. Often my hikes are in the nude, aka “freehiking”. I sometimes visit the clubs and resorts and get involved in public demonstrations but mostly I want to be alone. It is the Aspie in me.

If you note the URL for my blog, it contains “au natural“. That is misspelled French for “naked”. I don’t post nudes as salacious content but rather as editorial content. It isn’t fanservice – and I’m not talented enough for it to be artistic content. I just don’t always crop out the dangly bits to make it Facebook safe. If such is offensive to you just stick with the anime posts. They are Facebook safe.