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World Naked Bike Ride – LA, 2019

Featured photo is from FirstPost. They have great uncoverage of the 2018 event. Hold June 22, 2019, open from 10am to 4 pm! That is the date of the 2019 WNBR - LA where we protest both the oppression of... Continue Reading →

Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

OK all you anime fans. If this doesn't make you think "Attack on Titan", you need to watch the anime. And rewatch it if you've already seen it. Art Display Jacksonville Florida. via Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

Squaw Valley Road Drive and Hike

Last Sunday I drove up to the Sespe and hiked a few miles. The doctors said I needed to walk, so I walked. Plus my tennis elbow is much less painful after a cortisone shot. The orthopedic guy said no... Continue Reading →

Photo pick of the day

Who can tell me what this is a photo of? (Click for full size.)  

Albert Camus’s Beautiful Letter of Gratitude to His Childhood Teacher After Winning the Nobel Prize — irevuo

19 November 1957 Dear Monsieur Germain, I let the commotion around me these days subside a bit before speaking to you from the bottom of my heart. I have just been given far too great an honor, one I neither... Continue Reading →

Superbloom – Antelope Valley, 2019

No more words needed!

Please! Don’t eat the Lilies.

Don't eat these lilies! When John Freemont and his band of explorers first came to California they had gotten used to living off the land. They had gotten used to consuming a wide variety of wild plants, including lily bulbs.... Continue Reading →


Warning... contains some medical graphics and discussion of medical affairs - not photos. Shouldn't be a problem but some people get squeamish about surgery or talk about hernias.   Today I went in for surgery to fix an inguinal hernia. ... Continue Reading →

Understanding the spectrum – a comic strip explanation

Rebecca Burgess created a comic strip with a cartoon character named Archie to better explain autism. Source: Understanding the spectrum – a comic strip explanation

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