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Thankful Tag

Who wouldn't be thankful for those two? I thought I'd do a real simple tag. If it falls flat on its face, oh well! It is simple. The usual. Thank the person who tagged you and link back. Create a... Continue Reading →

Fish Canyon Narrows… again.

The 17th was National Hiking Day! I decided to head back into the wilds north of Castaic lake to visit a little-known gem knows as Fish Canyon Narrows. North of Castaic in the Sierra Pelona, I'm hiking to the southernmost... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger from Unpopular Poplar

I was nominated for this by the Unpopular Poplar to whom I pay thanks. Head on over and give them a look. There's some interesting stuff there. This is like the 4th time I've responded to this tag. The rules... Continue Reading →

What the World Needs

Black Lagoon

I've been re-watching "Black Lagoon." For those of you who don't know, it is a bit of genuine seinen noir about the adventures of the "transportation" company, Black Lagoon.


Continuing in the series of very lazy posts... PBS has a lot of great video series going on. I am subscribed to PBS Spacetime, PBS Eons, and PBS Terra. This video series is especially appropriate for Halloween, PBS Monstrum. According... Continue Reading →

Jigoku Shoujo, 地獄少女 (Hell Girl)

This being Halloween and me being buried in preps for my daughter's impending wedding, I figured I'd republish an older post that is appropriate for this time of year. What would you do for revenge? To send your worst enemy... Continue Reading →

Is this the power of Reddit?

Looked at my stats. I had a huge jump on the 23rd in daily views. The 24th is less but still not so shabby. WTF??? (In a good way.) So I go to my posts and pages. It is all... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Kino – Oops! – I really mean Elaina

There may be spoilage ahead! Elaina is the youngest ever to pass the witch's exam. But when she goes on her search to find a master witch to apprentice under, nobody wants her. Door after door is closed on her... Continue Reading →

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