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Making Progress for Nudie Rights

Obviously not something you'll want to read unless you are interested in the issue. My anime fans will appreciate the featured image I chose for this post. I believe we are not that far from acceptance as "Just Another Lifestyle"... Continue Reading →

East Canyon, Santa Clarita Woodlands

This hike starts out at about 1400 elevation and over a couple of miles climbs to 2700, the ridge of the Santa Susanna Mountains. This is one of the transverse (east-west) ranges in southern California. The San Gabriels peter out... Continue Reading →

Darling in the WTF?

Still in a blue funk of despair. I've also caught some horrid disease from one of those Petri dishes they call students. I'm having a difficult time breathing and a miserable sore throat. So here is this from 2017, for... Continue Reading →

Gender Equality: Who says we can’t have progress?

Thanks to a ruling by the 10th Circuit Cort of Appeals, women can now legally go topless in six western states. Topfree demonstrations have taken place in many of the six states impacted by the ruling. The audio of... Continue Reading →

Good things come in small packages

Republishing this. A lot of goodness can be packed into a short anime. Feeling stressed due to a tight schedule? No more time in your life for the things you love? You're in luck! Here is a selection of excellent... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

For all our Jewish friends and anyone else who cares to join in!    

Rumiko Takahashi – Catch a Falling Star

Yesterday I used a Paffooney I had stolen to illustrate my gymnasium adventures, and in the caption I gave credit to the wonderful comic artist I shamelessly copied it from. The second imitation Takahashi that I did yesterday is now... Continue Reading →

Ken Akamatsu — Catch a Falling Star

Japanese Manga is a complicated and difficult-to-understand thing. Of course, it is also a very beautiful art form when done well. There are many features of Japanese culture that play a prominent part in the comic book genre known as... Continue Reading →

Sawmill Mountain

Still pushing that rock up the hill. You need to find a rock and a hill that you enjoy or it gets boring after a while. Temperature was 61F at 11 am. Elevation start was 8300 ft. then up to... Continue Reading →

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