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REC (Revised)

This is revision of an old post of mine. I think the amine deserves a lot more love than it has gotten. "Rec" is short for record. As in a recording studio. Is it possible for an anime to be... Continue Reading →


I have a twitter account. Very occasionally I'll look at it, "like" a few things, drop a comment and be gone. It is also what I do for Instagram. Right now, I follow exactly 14 people.  Almost all my tweets... Continue Reading →

I want to play with my Barbie dolls!

Mattel finally has a couple of Barbies that are interesting! There's Astronaut Barbie and Astrophysicist Barbie. Now if they'd only come out with Nerd Ken, life would be complete! Now I'll have to buy both for my recently discovered niece.... Continue Reading →

Self-care again. Sick as a dog and trying to find a silver lining. All I found was a sliver in my lining to whine about.

I have been so sick for the last month. Actually was sick, got well, then a week and a half ago got sick again. Some kind of viral respiratory infection. Any kind of activity brings on coughing and quickly leaves... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop, Ep. 8

Wow! This is an action and reveal packed episode. Enjoyed it more than any other so far and that is saying a lot. Things are really starting to move. SPOILAGE OF THE PLOTLINE ENSUES!     Kazuko confronts Jin about... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Figure Modeling

  Begin rant. Maybe the figure modeling experience of an 18 yeal old me is TMI. Given the other posts I've made, I can't imagine it would be so. So this has some explicit drawings in it of me as... Continue Reading →

Dark Love Poems — irevuo

Penning the perfect love poem is one of the most difficult of artistic endeavors — yet we have a special place in our hearts for those writers who effortlessly conjure the darkness of lost and unrequited love. via Dark Love Poems... Continue Reading →

A brief history of Boogiepop Phantom thru ep 6.

SPOILERS!   Episode 1 - There is a pillar of light that causes massive electrical disruption, including frying a lot of electronics. There is a girl who regrets never having confessed to her love. Now she starts seeing his ghost.... Continue Reading →

These are a few of my favorite words!

Backpacks on bodies and warm winter mittens Or naked as jaybirds and mosquito bitten. Food tied in bear bags and soaking in springs These are a few of my favorite things. Time for your vocabulary lesson folks! If these words... Continue Reading →

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