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Utah Passes Free Range Parenting Law

This article is lifted directly from the New York Times, March 20, 2918, by Donna De La Cruz It is not a crime for parents to let their children play unsupervised in a park or walk home from school alone... Continue Reading →

H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand

I'm not sure why so many people dissed this anime. I found it to be deeply emotionally engaging. It starts out a bit rough with some really ham handed fan service. I suspect people were judging it relative to the... Continue Reading →

FLCL Alternative – Final

Ladies and gentlemen the final results are in. Lessons have been learned. The enemy has been identified.  Haruko Haruhara whangs on things with her guitar. Kana's head turns out to be capable of vast power. You probably knew that before... Continue Reading →

My personal PSA: Please leash your dog while walking them — psychologistmimi

I love dogs. I love NYC dogs. They tend to have swagger as they walk down the city sidewalks. And, for the most part the dogs in NYC tend to behave. Occasionally they may growl at one another but often... Continue Reading →

Bradford Ridge Path to Deep Creek – Oh My!

  I said in my last Deep Creek post that I was going to try the Bradford Ridge route. I did that on yesterday, Oct. 8th. It was quite the adventure! Getting to the trailhead is easy. Find your way... Continue Reading →

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

I remember my days in high school with more than a little bitterness. My adolescence was in the late 60s and 70s. This was post sexual revolution. We can thank the pill, Playboy, and Helen Gurley Brown for that. ("Do"... Continue Reading →

Jigoku Shoujo, 地獄少女 (Hell Girl)

What would you do for revenge? To send your worst enemy to hell? What would you sacrifice? In the case of Jikogu Shoujo, what you get is your enemy sent to hell immediately. The price you pay is your own... Continue Reading →

Raising children who are happy

My e-mail is full of spam and assorted other garbage but one of the few e-mails I look forward to is Outside Magazine.  Lately there have been a few articles that I think are too important not to share about... Continue Reading →

Bear Prints

Footprints from an adult black bear not far from my home.   I think I saw this bruin a few weeks ago here: Alder Creek Trail Not a large one but still big enough to be on its own. Bears... Continue Reading →

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