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Happy New Year!

My granddaughter, Morgan. Born 2 months premature at 4.5 lbs.  That was 3.5 months ago and now she's thriving at 10 lbs. She says Happy New Year!

The Best New Year’s Anime Episode Ever Made

Spoilers ahead! One of my all-time favorite anime is 3 Gatsu No Lion which roughly translates into March Comes in Like a Lion. It is unusual in that when I first tried it, the initial episodes were so depressing I... Continue Reading →

The Song of the New Year: Same Auld Lang Syne

OWLS post from 2 years ago. Dan Fogelberg gave us the most moving reinterpretation of Auld Lang Syne. It is based on an actual event. After Fogelberg's untimely end, the woman he met came forward and self-identified. In 1788... Continue Reading →

Mushoku Tensei, Jobless Reincarnation

You really should read this first:Mushoku Tensei, Jobless Reincarnation (First Cour): Not the First, but possibly The Best — Shallow Dives in Anime Great review of an anime that some people find controversial. Rudy is not the traditional hero. He... Continue Reading →

An Astronomer’s Christmas Gift

(By NASA's James Webb Space Telescope -, CC BY 2.0, Did you know today is Isaac Newton's birthday? Happy Newtonmas! The James Webb telescope is going to see galaxies so far away their light has been shifted into... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas 2021 — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

Merry Christmas 2021 — Phil Ebersole's Blog Click here.

This could be the best Christmas gift ever.

The US Army Made a Coronavirus Vaccine That Works Against All Variants Waiting for results of human trials!

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Repost from April of last year. There are three rules for this detective agency. Be prettyBe a boyBe a detective After the first episode, I can say they are definitely pretty! I'm pretty darn sure they are boys. But are... Continue Reading →

Anime Dystopia

I suppose I should start out by defining what I mean by dystopia. "A dystopia (from Ancient Greek δυσ- "bad, hard" and τόπος "place"; alternatively cacotopia or simply anti-utopia) is a speculated community or society that is undesirable or frightening."-... Continue Reading →

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