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Recovering from Trauma and the Reinvention of the Self

That's a cheery title! Hope I haven't frightened off too many people. I just read a book entitled "Surviving Survival" by Laurence Gonzales. It is an interesting read on what happens after people have endured traumatic events or extended traumatic... Continue Reading →

Just Another Other — from the Dihedral

Click the link at the bottom. Exactly the same things were said of my generation. And now it is my generation saying it. Human nature doesn't change, just the environment those humans interact with. Most of us do not accept... Continue Reading →

I’ve given up on sorting my utensils — psychologistmimi

Ever since I was a little girl, I hated putting the dishes away. In particular I hated putting the utensils away. Placing items into those little set cube spaces seemed so tedious. Rather, was so tedious. I detested it. I... Continue Reading →

God rest you well, Doris Day.

I am in deep mourning. Doris Day, the girl next door, the girl you wanted to bring home to mother and romantic lead, has passed away at 97. There will be no funeral, no memorial and no grave marker. She... Continue Reading →

Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World   For the three people out there who haven't seen this great anime, it is about a teenage girl going by the name of Kino as she explores her world. This world is divided into many... Continue Reading →

Saline Valley, May 2019

Last weekend I spent 4 days and 3 nights on a trip with a group of nudistas to Saline Valley. It was hot and dry but inside the oasis that has been created by users over the years temps were... Continue Reading →

Maybe the sun isn’t as deadly as we have been told.

Perhaps it is time to reexamine burying oneself in SPF 50 sunscreen and hiding from the sun. It seems that the sun has other beneficial effects than just vitamin D and that a tan slowly acquired over time lacks the... Continue Reading →

The Ethnobotanist — Tandi Tales

Sally found out how to feel important: you start a social media page that says you’re a specialist in something that nobody has heard of, you find a great website template and you start copy-pasting journal articles from the web.... Continue Reading →

We Didn’t Start the Fire!

Too precious not to share.

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