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H2O: ~Footprints in the Sand

I'm not sure why so many people dissed this anime. I found it to be deeply emotionally engaging. It starts out a bit rough with some really ham handed fan service. I suspect people were judging it relative to the... Continue Reading →

FLCL Alternative – Final

Ladies and gentlemen the final results are in. Lessons have been learned. The enemy has been identified.  Haruko Haruhara whangs on things with her guitar. Kana's head turns out to be capable of vast power. You probably knew that before... Continue Reading →

Jigoku Shoujo, 地獄少女 (Hell Girl)

What would you do for revenge? To send your worst enemy to hell? What would you sacrifice? In the case of Jikogu Shoujo, what you get is your enemy sent to hell immediately. The price you pay is your own... Continue Reading →

Thinking about likes and follows

I need more reader interaction. Especially comments. Blogging is a lonely world. You don't ever meet the people who have caught your interest. You don't get to go hiking with them or visit for tea or meet up anywhere. There... Continue Reading →

Yama no Susume, Season 3

The girls still look like 12 year olds (except for Kaede) and talk like 10 year olds. Kaede gets to have rather large grown up breasts and to talk like a 12 year old. I think they were drawn to... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Nanas

Finally got thru ep. 47 of Nana. Neither the anime nor the manga was completed because the author,  Ai Yazawa, fell ill in 2009 and spent a  year in a hospital. She got out in 2010 but has not shown... Continue Reading →

FLCL Alternative: Halftime report

I am about half way thru a dissertation on Nana but this was just too good to pass up. FLCL Alternative (pronounced "fooly-cooly", a slang term for sexual fondling), is one of two Adult Swim anime created as spin-offs of... Continue Reading →

Stepping out of your comfort zone. — Naturist

Comfort zone? Do writers have comfort zones? Yes. They do. Most of us anyway, as far as I know. A writer usually is well versed in writing one or two genres. 444 more words via Stepping out of your comfort zone.... Continue Reading →

Hotaru and the Ephemeral Nature of Happiness — I drink and watch anime

I’ve already spoken about a character from Natsume’s Book of Friends for this series of character sudies. In fact Karandi and I have discussed many of Natsume’s supporting characters. The series is densely populated by absolutely wonderful people who wonder... Continue Reading →

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