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The Journey of Kino – Oops! – I really mean Elaina

There may be spoilage ahead! But first, what happened to my option to mix custom colors? And why can't I specify colors for individual words instead of entire blocks? Just two more options WP took away to make it easier... Continue Reading →

Moriarty the Patriot

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic mystery series, Sherlock Holmes is a preternatural genius. He solves crimes that the police cannot. The only criminal ever to escape justice from him is Irene Adler. To Sherlock Holmes she is always the... Continue Reading →

Oh, Horrors!

I must bow my head in shame and abnegation. I haven't regularly talked about anime in a long time. It is a shortcoming which I must address. Every season I pick new anime to follow. And then watch as others... Continue Reading →

Sport Climbing Girls —

Ep.1. Rocky PuzzleSPOILER ALERTSport Climbing Girls — If you loved Encouragement of Climb, here's a bit more intense version of cute girls climbing. Enjoy!

Irregular at Magic High: Enrollment Arc

I just binged the arc. It is the first 7 episodes of season one. Yet another overpowered protagonist (Tatsuya Shiba) who blows away everything that would challenge him. (This must be where the design for Anos Delhevia came from.) A... Continue Reading →

This is a slow year for anime.

So, what am I watching? This has been a slow season. Fall is going to be slow as well. It tried some Card Captor Sakura but I swear it was so sweet I was getting toothaches. Maybe I'll finish later.... Continue Reading →

Gal and Dino

Gal and Dino is supposed to be a funny, low budget anime about a very stylish girl who gets drunk and brings a small dinosaur home with her. Dino soon learns to become stylish himself. Neither would be welcome around... Continue Reading →

Made in Abyss Movie 3: Dawn of the Deep Soul. Plus Subaru finds some peace.

Spoiler alert! Just not very big spoilers. First, let me say I just watched Episode 29 from Re: Zero. It was an intense episode. He confronts his past in which he feels useless and a failure. And manages to rewrite... Continue Reading →

Railgun “Dream Ranker” arc is here!

It's back! A Certain Scientific Railgun T is here with the new arc, Dream Ranker. A whole new opening and close too. Now my life is complete! Can you imagine a world in which the police force consists of super-powered... Continue Reading →

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