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Darling in the WTF?

Still in a blue funk of despair. I've also caught some horrid disease from one of those Petri dishes they call students. I'm having a difficult time breathing and a miserable sore throat. So here is this from 2017, for... Continue Reading →

Good things come in small packages

Republishing this. A lot of goodness can be packed into a short anime. Feeling stressed due to a tight schedule? No more time in your life for the things you love? You're in luck! Here is a selection of excellent... Continue Reading →

Rumiko Takahashi – Catch a Falling Star

Yesterday I used a Paffooney I had stolen to illustrate my gymnasium adventures, and in the caption I gave credit to the wonderful comic artist I shamelessly copied it from. The second imitation Takahashi that I did yesterday is now... Continue Reading →

The Survival Science of “Sounan desu ka?”

With the conclusion of Sounan desu ka?, thought I'd look at the "survival science" it offered. For those few who might have missed it, Are You Lost is an anime where four teenage girls are stranded on an island... Continue Reading →

Everybody Loves a Lover – OWLS

In Bed: The Kiss, 1892, by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec features two women caught up in passion. If a painting doesn't get you warmed up for today's blog, maybe this? This is an OWLS post. What is OWLS? OWLS stands... Continue Reading →

Is Asuka Broken? She’ll never admit it.

Asuka Langley is the next bombshell to enter Shinji's life, both in the sense of being drop dead gorgeous and in the sense of having an explosive personality. We first meet her on an expedition with the Pacific Fleet. The... Continue Reading →

Munto, Kyoto Anime’s First Child

August OWLS Tour – Believe.  In the month of Augiust, we OWLS will be discussing the many magnificent anime brought to us by Kyoto Animation. Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and the families who have lost... Continue Reading →

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan , 臨死!!江古田ちゃん

I'm off to Indiana and Michigan to visit with relatives, both adopted and biological. I don't have time to type up a post so instead, I thought I'd reblog an older post that I enjoyed doing.  Here's Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan. Rinshi!!... Continue Reading →

Rei Ayanami is broken: Shinji wants to fix her.

Spoilers? Of course! Other posts in the series: Shinji is Broken. So is Gendo  Shinji is broken. Misato wants to fix him. The competitor's %$#@! mecha is broken Is Asuka broken? She'll never admit it. Rei Ayanami is the fourth... Continue Reading →

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